Different paper size for different flows?

So I’m in the middle of a project where one of the flow has been recorded with a very limited orchestra (one player for each wind section) and the rest of the flows have bigger sections (a2 and horns a4) and more instruments.
The thing is that if I set an a4, the firts flow fits perfectly, but the flows 2 and specially the third need much more space. If I set an a3, it is the other way around. Flow 1 looks really ugly and little, but the others are perfect. Can I set the first flow to use an a4 and the others an a4? Or is any other solution?

Thanks, Fran

You can’t change the page size mid-layout, but you could instead opt for the larger page size, A3, and change the staff size as and when. Or simply allow 2 systems per page for the smaller flows?

You could create a change in staff size for the first flow, making it slightly bigger. You can change the staff sizes at any system/frame break, and reset it at the beginning of the second flow with another system/frame-break.

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Wow, it works so well. Thank you so much!!