Different Part instrument names for different Flows ?


I have the following scenario with multiple film music cues (full orchestral score):

My Music Cues are simply divided by flows: Music Cue 1 = Flow 1 and Music Cue 2 = Flow 2 and so on.

Flute 1 also plays Alto Flute 1 in Music Cue 1
Flute 1 only plays Flute in Music Cue 2

In the individual Instrument Part Scores I would like for Music Cue 2 for example to only display “Flute 1” in the part name on the top left
(instead of the current “Flute 1 & Alto Flute 1”)
Flute 1 & Alto Flute 2 should of course remain for Music Cue 1 in the individual score part name.

I figured out that I would somehow need to set up different part names for different Flows for this situation. Is that right ?
But I guess that not possible. Am I missing something ?

An automatic approach maybe would be to also put a checkmark sign beside each additional instrument of a single player (Setup mode).
We could disable the additional instruments for a specific flow and Dorico would need to link the part instrument name to the checked (available) instruments instead of the current @layoutName@ link… Does that make sense or is there currently a different workflow for achieving this ?

Thanks for the great app so far,

PS: Its no problem with 2 Music Cues, but image 30 Music Cues - Its just good if a player knows exactly at the beginning of his score whether there is a need to change instruments for a specific Cue or not

I don’t believe there is an automatic way of doing this at the moment. But I think you could achieve this by either of these methods: (I’m assuming each flow is on a different page).

  1. For flows that use only the Flute, make an override in Engrave Mode in that flows’ Layout Name by just typing in the correct Name, i.e. “Flute 1”.

  2. Make an additional “Master Page - First” called, for example, “Single Instrument”, and edit that to use a token that will hold the single instrument’s name, i.e. “Flute 1”. This could be any unused token such as {@flowEditor@}. In place of where the Layout Name would go, substitute the decided-upon token. This information would need to exist in the Project Info, which could be propagated to all flows. Then, when you have a flow that you need the single instrument name, you could do a page override to use the “Single Instrument” Master Page.

Personally, I believe #1 is much easier.

thanks musicmaven, indeed I think Nr .1 is the only logical workaround solution in order to not kill the time with nr.2 :smiley: