Different part layouts for divisi or solo


Is it possible to have two separated part layouts for solo and gli altri from a same player group?

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I’m not 100% sure I understand what you’re asking, but if I’m correct in my assumption that you want to create one part layout that excludes the solo section of a divisi and one that includes it but excludes the gli altri music, the answer is no. If you need to do that, I would suggest you write the soloist as a separate player; you can then choose to include both the soloist and the section in the same layout, and hide the music you don’t want to appear by way of manual staff visibility changes.


Although, you can hide individual divisi staves independently using manual staff visibility changes - so you could keep your divisi section player and make two layouts using that one player: one for the solo, one for the gli altri, and control which staves appear manually. Depending on the size of the project though, and the amount of divisi, that might end up being more work than having separate players as Daniel suggests.

Hi everyone,

I’m having a similar situation here with desk-wise divisi for 50 strings (7 desks of vn1, 6 desks of vn2 etc etc). Naturally it would be inconvenient to have 7 staves in the part (!) for all the first violins, but I would need separate part layouts for desk 1, desk 2 and so on. Am I to understand that, using divisi, this is actually not supported?
Of course I could create new Players for each of the desks I need. But that would create quite cumbersome situations in which divisi are not needed. (I foresee some rather unpleasant copy and paste afternoons.) Unless there is some smart cue-like mechanism to copy music into staves by means of pointers, rather than actually copying the music… Or is there another way?


You should be able to achieve this by having multiple part layouts, each with the same Violin 1 player assigned, and then hide the divisi sections you don’t want to appear in that part using manual staff visibility changes.

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