Different parts (cleff and key) for one player

Is it possible to setup more then one part / layout with different clef and key for one player? Maybe setup more players and ‘link’ one player to other players so that changes affect all that players.

I have to setup three parts for one bassline: tuba in Bes / Bass clef ; Bes / Treble clef; C / Bass clef and for trombone : Bes / Treble Clef; Bes / Bas clef; C / Bass clef.
Now I have to setup multiple players for the same part and copying one part to three others.

No, this is not yet possible, at least not directly, but we know it’s important for band music and it’s something we do plan to do.

In the meantime, you could create additional players that do not appear in the full score layout and copy and paste the music from the instruments you are showing in the score into these new instruments, and have part layouts for each of them.