Different players in one layout


I would like to have a clout for an Instrument (Bass Guitar).
In this layout, I would like to show the Bass part from the first flow and then switch to another part (Voice) and only show the voice in the second flow.

Is that possible?

Thank you

Welcome back @ingosand !
If I understood well your question, it’s certainly possible: you can associate the players you want to each layout, and they may be completely different! When you select a layout you can select or deselect the players you need.

Do you mean like this:

This can be achieved with the famous Manual Staff Visibility. Of course assuming that you have already added the bass and voice players to the same layout in Setup Mode.

You can selectively put Players in each Flow. In Setup mode…
Add both Players to the Layout.
Select the Bass Guitar Player in Left panel and untick Flow 2.
Select the Voice Player in Left panel and untick Flow 1.