Different quantise setting between Project and Key Editor

Hi, would like to know if there is a way to have a different Quantize setting between the Main project window and the Key Editor window? Cause in the Main project I use most of the time 1/1 while in the Key Editor Window I am using 1/16 most of the time. As a result I am always changing the settings while going from one window to the other. Very annoying, so is there a way to have both window to default a different setting?


you’re using 1/1 in the project window? - you sure?

just use 1/16 in the project window also, its gonna work fine like that.

are you talking about snap value?

Try setting the Grid Type in the project window to “bars” and not “use quantize.” I suspect that’s the behavior you are looking for. Then you can set the quantize value for whatever you like in the editor, but in the project window parts will snap to the bar lines.


Thank you so much guys!
This is exactly what I needed. Sometime it is so simple that you just can’t find the solution! :wink: