Different rastral sizes in flows?

Hello Dorico users,
Is there any way that separate flows in one project can have different rastral sizes and page margins and so on?

Space size (which does the same thing as rastral size) can be set from any System Break or Frame Break, so you could potentially place a Break at the start of each flow and then set its Space Size property.

Margins really are layout-specific. You could construct separate master pages with shorter/narrower frames, then switch to that master page at the start of the next flow.

Thanks, Leo. Understood. So should I…

R. click on Frame break > Staff Size > Custom Staff Size > Scale size

I tried that, but it isn’t making any change to the flow.
Am I missing something?

It’s a property of the break, down in the properties panel. The option you’ve stumbled upon is for reducing the size of an individual instrument within an ensemble (e.g. so that the string staves are smaller than the piano staves in a piano trio score).

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Wonderful. Got that.
Thank you.
Wishing you a good day.

This is a very helpful feature, however I’m having trouble entering the changes in the properties panel space size entry box. When I click it changes randomly to “1.75”, which causes the space size to change for the every following system. When I try to enter a number I’m not able to enter “.” or “/” for fractional values. If I use the up and down arrow it only moves by .1mm at a time and resizes the following frames every time. Am I not doing something correctly?

I wish that panel made it easier to change the space size by rastral size as well as millimeters.

I also wish that the command to do so was located near the Engrave menu command to alter note spacing, since the functions seem to go together to manage spacing on a page.

You should find that you can easily type a decimal separator (whether it’s a period/full stop or comma for your specific locale settings) provided there isn’t already a decimal separator shown. A good approach is to clear the spinbox completely, and then type your desired value in one go, from left to right.

It would be ideal if Dorico could initialise the Space size property to the current prevailing space size, but it’s annoyingly complicated to make that happen, and we haven’t done so as yet. In the meantime, if you first pay a visit to the Page Setup page of Layout Options, you will see what the current default space size value is, so you can then use that as the basis of your adjustment, or even type that value in as the initial value after activating the property.

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