Different rehearsal mark font size for score and part


Finally, I am able to make a full project in Dorico. To change my habits from Sibelius note entry was hard at first, but I am finding Dorico more and more intuitive the more I work with it, and I love the way it layouts all symbols the right way without tweaking!

Now, I want to have a different font size for rehearsal marks for score and for parts. I would like to have 24pt for the score rehearsal marks, but keep them at 14pt for the parts. Where do I make this, since «Edit font styles» seems to change all layouts at the same time, both score and parts?

Unfortunately this cannot yet be done, though it is a high priority for us to add in future. Sorry for the current inconvenience!

Oh well, another wish in the bucket list! At least this one is not a deal breaker. :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Any updates on this?


No, but navigate to the score, select one rehearsal mark, use Select More to select them all, and scale them up via the Properties Panel—Custom Scale.

You legend.

Thanks heaps!

Feature request: I would love to be able to set the custom scale for rehearsal marks in the Engraving Options dialog. This would be much more efficient than selecting and setting the custom scale via the Properties dialog. I like to use custom rehearsal marks as entry markers for vocal canons. Much faster than creating a piece of text, giving it a border, etc. over and over again.

As of 3.5.10, you can set that certain paragraph styles automatically have a border when used as Shift-X or Shift-Alt-X text. Once you’ve saved a paragraph style as default, you can also set a key command to, I believe, open the text editor with that paragraph selected automatically. Just as another option, in case that’s useful for you.

Thanks, Lillie, I’ll experiment with that.

The reason I like using Rehearsal Marks for this purpose is that I don’t have to fiddle with placement. The indicators end up right where I want them and in numerical order just by hitting Shift-A. Unless I’m missing something, when I create a text object, I don’t have much control over where it will appear relative to the staff. I’ve tried creating one object, getting it how I like it, and then copy-pasting it onto the next place that I want it to appear, and Dorico does not respect placement—the object appears in a completely irrelevant place, so I have to fiddle with each object. Make sense?

Text objects have a default placement that you can set in Engraving Options > Text, like other notation items. They’re not aligned with barlines like rehearsal marks are no, but they should be consistently positioned relative to their rhythmic position and other items around them, if they have collision avoidance turned on. If you graphically offset one and copy/paste it, the offset will be applied in relation to the default position rather than in absolute values from the staff - so you if you copy it to a place with lots of other notations and the text is automatically avoiding collisions, it could well end up positioned differently. You can also turn collision avoidance off and position them manually - that might end up with more consistent positioning if you copy/paste text items, but I confess I’ve not tested that rigorously.

If you like rehearsal marks for this, absolutely just go ahead! I only really mentioned this because some users use rehearsal marks as a way of getting bordered text (so they change the index for the rehearsal mark to the first letter they want in the word, like Chorus) but now you can have paragraph styles bordered by default, that might be a better way long-term.