Different Rhythmic Feels for multiple flows

I’ve searched the forum with no luck:

Has the team ever considered implementing the ability for users to set rhythmic feels on a flow-by-flow basis? Currently, as I work on the various flows in a project I just change it back and forth. Is there a better way?

Don’t know but there seems to be a bucket of per flow type customizations folks are interested in. I don’t recall specific examples offhand but I’d guess there’s no facility presently in the system for per flow customization like this. Maybe at some point they’ll add in a design for that (custom per flow GUI and data structures) which could include this.

Might be tough as it could be one of those cross cutting concerns, for example here now the playback system has to consult the flow customize system. And how would the GUI work? Maybe you have the master settings, then under the Ctrl-I dialog which has all the flow headings information, there’s a tab with other customizations. A little messy, now the system gets much more complex with overridable settings.

You can add rhythmic feel changes via the Shift+T (tempo) popover:

Thanks Daniel.

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Look at that manual topic introduction (what we call a “short description”). It’s bang on the money! { pats self on back }

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Don’t stress. England are now like Dorico users: quick to score. And I’m “stoked” but also not.