Different Sample Rates in Montage

I have been given a 44.1 stereo montage containing WAV files with both 48 and 44 sample rates. Offline, I resampled the 48 files to 44 and gave them new names. When I then open the montage again and try to exchange the 48 files/clips to the new 44 files, I get an error saying the montage and new file sample rates do not match, when plainly they do.


You should certainly set the new sample rate of the montage, in Montage Workspace > Edit > File properties

PG, the montage is 44 and set correctly. It contains some 48 files. When I try to change/exchange these files to new 44 files, I get the error message.

This is unexpected as the montage is correct. Can you reproduce?

Yes,I can reproduce, this is a bug to fix.
The solution is to recreate the clips.