Different sample rates on 2 Macs

Hello all,

Searched the forum, but can’t find a solution; here’s my problem:
I recorded some tracks on my Macbook pro (Cubase pro 11) with a different mixer as in my studio: that mixer was set to 48000 khz
Now that I loaded that session in my studio (Cubase pro 11, where I work at 44100 Khz) all was well, and could go on working on these tracks, until I wanted to make a quick MP3 mix:
When I play that MP3 the tone went up some tones and the bpm’s where faster ;-(

I’ve tried everything to convert these tracks so that all exports well as an MP3, with no good results.
What I’ve noticed in the pool, is that the files are 48.000 khz with elastique pro
In the project setup it reads in orange that 48000 khz is an unsupported sample rate

What would be the best way to go on working on these tracks in my studio?(MacPro2012/Mojave) (of course next recordings on my MB will be set to 44100 khz)

Hope someone can help me out here :wink:
Thanks in advance,


If you have a Project that is set to 44.1 and use the Import Button in the Pool it should offer to convert the file to the Project’s sample rate if it isn’t already 44.1.

Perhaps in the past you told it not to ask again?


Tnx! That could be the case……
Tho I can’t seem the page you’ve sent; maybe a difference between Mac and PC?
Or could you point me to where I can find that page?

That’s a bit of a catch-22 (if this indeed is the cause) - I see the dialog because I’ve never checked the box to not show the dialog box the checkbox lives on…

There must be someplace to turn it back on again, but I don’t know where - sorry. Preferences seems like a strong possibility, Or a gear-shaped ‘setup’ button somewhere (Pool?). The documentation for “Import Options” probably says.

When I choose Preferences/Audio and click the appropriate button (like in the picture) all is greyed-out; maybe some other Mac user can help me with this?