Different scores sizes in the same flow

Hello to all,

I just wondered, until now all of my projects required only one size per projects, or flows, so I never had to figure any problem out.

But here, I must say I’m stuck, I have a project that starts with a solo piano, and then, a few pages later, continues with a complete wind concert band, so basically we come from 2 regular staves to suddenly… over 30! But I don’t want the piano looking as the same size as I will use later with the concert band (too small for a solo piano), is there anyway that in the middle on the score suddenly the size becomes smaller? or bigger?

Thanks for your help, or for linking a video that shows this operation.

All best

You can add a system break or Frame break anywhere (including where the system naturally breaks) then use the Space Size property in the Properties panel.

Wow, it’s that simple? It works perfectly, thanks!

Just in case it’s not obvious: it may be easiest to set the global space size (in Layout Options) to suit the main bulk of the score. Then add a System Break on the first beat of bar 1 and manually adjust the Space Size for the first system(s). Then reset when the rest of the group appears.

Ok, thanks for the tips!