Different Slurs options in traditional notation and tab at the same time

Hello guys!

I have a Dorico Pro license since the first version, but was waiting the program fully support tablature and a more mature drum notation. So now I’m practicing and get used to Dorico Pro 4 (It is hard to get used after more of a decade using Sibelius, but it is also fun).

I’d like to have different options for slurs in traditional notation and tablature at the same time. I preffer slurs ending at the last note of a group of notes with tied note at the end, and I like the other way around in tab (ending at the first note).

See the images below for a better understandment.

I’d like to have this way in the tradicional notation:

And this way in the tablature:

This can be done easily in Sibelius (if regular staff and tab staff are not linked to match each other).
Is this possible in Dorico Pro 4?


It’s only possible if the instruments are unlinked, as they would have been in Sibelius (prior to its introduction of dynamic guitar staves earlier this year). To do this, you should add a separate guitar instrument held by a separate player. On the Players page in Layout Options you can then specify that one should appear as staff notation and the other as tablature.