Different song audio tuning like 432 Hz

Project setup in (for example) 432Hz. So audio pitch editing at different tuning is possible.

Yes! This is what I want too!

I was thinking about the same thing

Just out of curiosity, when is something like this needed? For orchestral stuff?

Though many of the requesters of the feature cite the 432hz fad, this would be useful for any situation where the players didn’t tune to A=440.

So yeah, orchestral, among other things.

Hi and welcome,

Please check this tip.

Hi Guys,

I’m working on a song right now that was recorded at 432Hz and I’m having a really hard time to use variAudio to tune the vocals because If I snap the current note to the “grid” it will always sound a little bit higher than it should be.

Is there any way to set the current session/VariAudio reference to 432Hz instead of the usual 440Hz ??



Hi and very welcome, change whole song/instruments/audio tracks from 440 Hz into 432 Hz with one click!!

I don’t understand how this answers the question about tuning between different frequencies.