Different staff sizes in the full score layout


Is it possible in a full score to have a player’s staff a different size from the others?

Specifically, I have a SATB chorus and a soloist in the full score, and I would like the solo staff to be smaller in size than the chorus sections. Is this possible?

Thanks for your help!

Right-click on the staff to see a context menu in which the Staff option allows the staff to change to 75%, 60% or 100%.

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Thank you! I’ ll try It!

Hi Italyuser, just keep in mind that this can make the line difficult to read. I once performed from an edition of Brahms’s LIebesliederwaltzer that printed the vocal parts (all of them) at cue size, and was squinting at the page for weeks. It’s probably a fine idea if your soloist has a part of their own, as is often done with instrumental soli in choral works. Just a friendly suggestion! Good luck with your piece!

what you write is very true, but in my case it is perfect, because the choir will have a score with the staff of the smallest soloist and the soloist will have his own score!