Different Staves with Bars of Different Lengths

So I’m trying to create a score where a few instruments break off and play a series of sustained tones while the rhythm section grooves underneath. The graphic below is what it looked like in the Finale score.

How would I do something like this in Dorico?

I’d try hidden tuplets in the upper parts and custom bar lines (or custom hidden time signature) in the bottom parts.

So like 1/2 note triplets without stems and then hide the tuples symbol?

I’d consider using an open time signature for the upper parts (saves messing with custom barlines).

You will probably need to create a custom playing technique to show the pauses (otherwise they will appear on the lower parts too.

Yes, something like that indeed – here’s how to hide stems, and how to hide tuplet brackets and their numbers/ratios.

And welcome to the Dorico forum!

Yeah…I’m struggling to put fermatas on the fake whole notes now. Is this how you’d do that? Custom Playing techniques?

It’s subtle, but the repeats are only around the rhythm parts in the example above. The horns don’t show the repeat. Can I force different barlines on different staves like that?

Absolutely, provided those staves have an independent time signature.

Hmmm…I’m struggling with the independent time signature thing.

I figured out how to do the independent sig (On MAC: shift-m, then 4/4, then opt-return to make the 4/4 independent to that staff). I did this to each of the three top staves.

But when I went to edit the barlines, every staff is still operating as a linked except the top one.

Any tips?

UPDATE: after putting in some repeats, I went back and re-input the independent time sig. It’s working now. But I don’t know why it didn’t work on the first try…

Library>Playing Techniques…

For the Edit section… (Any text that is carried over… put it in the bin!)
Find the glyph you want in the horrendously long list (it’s in the holds and pauses section)

Your new technique will appear in the techniques panel, or can be invoked in the shift-p popover by typing the popover text you set when you created it.

What are you selecting prior to inputting new staff-specific barlines? If you’re selecting an existing “global” barline, then Dorico won’t know which staff you’d want it to apply to. Try selecting the first note/rest in the bar on each staff and inputting an independent barline then.

Ah…there we go. I still need to get used to the global/local thing…

I’m a recent Finale convert. Love Dorico, but the learning curve is big coming from that other program…