Different style time signatures in score and parts


I would like to have my time signatures appear for example without a denominator in the score, but as normal in the parts, and I haven’t found a way to do that in Dorico. No matter what changes I do with the ‘set local properties’ switch on, it syncs to the parts as well. Is it possible to do?

And perhaps it would be nice to be able to have different engraving settings for the score and other layouts, like with layout options. Then this would be automated.


Go to Library > Layout Options > Time Signatures.

Select the layouts you want to change on the right panel, and then choose the signature options for that specific layout.

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Layout Options does not have the options the OP is looking for.

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Yes, @Craig_F is correct. This setting is changed in Engraving Options, which is project-wide.

Okay, but is there some other way that I can have different styles of time signatures in score and parts?

No, I don’t think so, sorry.

If you have Dorico Pro, you could hide the actual time signature and create different time signatures in the score and parts using staff-attached text:

The font MusGlyphs makes it easy to create the normal time signature as text. Hide the time signature for the score in the parts and vice versa. Move the first beat to the right in note spacing mode, disable collision avoidance for the text and move it into the desired position.

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