Different tempos in one project? Cubase 7

Argh!! Help!

I’m recording a song, that has two parts - both parts have different BPMs.

I’m recording the drums using Groove Agent, so I need to be able to use the click to quantize.

However, inevitably - after recording the first part at 120.00, and then changing the tempo to 92.00 (to record the second part) - the first part (recorded at 120.00) changes to 92.00 also.

Is there a way around this?


Sure there is. Use the tempo track, or switch off musical timebase.

Hi Svennilenni - what exactly do you mean here?
How does ‘tempo track’ work?
I need to maintain the click so I can use the quantize…

Sorry - bit of a newbie!

That’s kind of a big topic to explain in a forum post. But the Ops Manual covers the topic in full. I don’t have a C7 manual handy to give you a page number, but “Tempo Track” is in the index.