different time signatures for different staves?

I have a song where there are five different staves. Different players are hearing the beat either in 12/8 or 6/4. I am wondering if I can have one stave in 6/4 and one in 12/8 at the same time?

If that is not possible, then I don’t mind the whole chart being in 12/8, but I have a part that is playing constant 8th notes, but I want them beamed as six groups of two eighth notes instead of 4 groups of three eighth notes. Changing the syncopation to full in this case does not help. I can’t figure out how to change the beaming.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

(brief reply, sorry :slight_smile: )…
Not possible to have multiple simultaneous time signatures, unfortunately.
But you can kinda “fake it” :wink:
On the staff that you want to be 6/4, Hide the “real” 12/8 time signature, and replace it with graphic symbols (You will find numerals in the standard Time Signature font amongst the symbols in the pop-up of the Symbols “Other” palette, “…” button.)
Then use the “Grouping” icon in the toolbar, to group the 8th-notes in pairs.
(just done it quickly here… looks like this)…
12-8 & 6-4.jpg

Buy Finale or Sibelius. Cubase isn’t a scoring application, its capabilities are limited.