Different Track Delays within the same Instrument

I am working in Cubase 10.5 and VEP Pro 7 (Windows 10) with one track per instrument (and would like to retain this in any case if possible). Different articulations are realized with expression maps (preferring attributes over directions).
The problem is: Obviously different articulations need different track delays. I.e. playing double bass pizzicato needs a different track delay as if playing double bass legato (library independent).
How do you guys handle this problem?
My first solution would be to automate the track delay but I did not found any possibility to do that. So is there another work around?
I know I could break with my workflow (having only one track per instrument) but as said I would like to avoid this!
Thanx in advance for any ideas!

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This is not possible.

But I like the idea. Actually I would like to have an option in the Expression Map to set the Delay for every single articulation individually. So once the articulation would switch, the delay of this articulation would be applied.

The only problem I can see is with the negative delay (what is almost always the case)… So once you would switch the articulation, you would need to send the MIDI Note beforehand already. Cubase would need to have a look ahead a bit.

But I really like it. I made an official Feature Request out of it.


I have asked for this as well. I really hope it’s in Cubase 12. Thanks!