Different transpositions in part/score layouts


I’m working on a trio piece: piano, cello and bass clarinet.
I’m writing both, score and part, in transposed pitch, but the part layout using the same clefs transpose a higher octave than the score one.
I can’t understand why and how to fix.

Thanks in advance

here the project (sorry for the mess in it!)
flip2_0420.dorico (2.6 MB)

Instruments that transpose by the octave (e.g. picc., D.Bass) usually notate at written pitch in both score and parts.

I notice that when I remove the Transpose checkbox for the Full Score Layout, the Bass Cl. only changes by a whole tone down rather than a ninth. That surprised me.

The octave jump mostly happens only near the beginning. No idea why.

I am not sure what your second-voice instrument is on the Bass Cl. line, but I notice that when I add a new Bass Clef before the first entry of the main voice, the transposed notes drop an octave.

The second voice is a fake instrument to notate in some points unpitched sounds like “key rattle” on a single line.

I tried also to work with the “octave shift” properties but also if I check “set local proprieties: locally” it seems to affect both layouts.
That’s also why you noticed this strange behaviours only at the beginning.

And for the 9th/2nd issue: bass clarinet has several ways to transpose that’s why there are three Bb bass clarinet in the instrument list (I need ↓2nd for bass clef and ↓9th for treble clef) but at the moment that’s not the issue I’m struggling with.

Perhaps you could be clearer about the issue you are struggling with.

Sorry for replying so late,

Yes, my issue is that I have two different tipe of trasposition between score and part layout and I don’t know how to manage this.

You have a transposition override in the score.

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Thank You very much!

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