Different types of folders

When I create a Rack Instrument, Cubase puts the Instrument “control” track (i.e. where the automatable parameters within the instrument are) and the audio channel in a “folder”. But it is not the same type of folder as a regular folder track as it does not have any mute or solo, etc. controls for tracks in that folder.

Is it correct that this is just a folder type that only Cubase can create and the only way I can convert it into a regular folder track is to make a new one, move the tracks into the new one and then delete the old one?
The reason why I ask, is because if I create a rack instrument, I usually put all the tracks associated with that instrument in that folder (MIDI, instrument control, audio output channels, etc.) and it is nice to easily mute it all on the folder track.



Yes, only Cubase can creates this type of folder, and you cannot “change” it to the common folder. You cannot delete the VST Instruments folder.

Actually, you can. That is what I currently do. I create a folder and put everything associated with that instrument in the folder, including all MIDI tracks routed to it. Then I delete the folders Cubase created.