different User could not load the VST instrument program.


I have a new PC and I have installed a Cubase 7.5 in One Admin user, seem all working loading program and VST instrument and load the instrument program up to 1240. but when I log in different user (with same admin or user right seem the load program under VST instrument is empty

I have try to set the BIOS core to single core

PC info 160GHD,I5 core,4G ram. Win7 sp1.
latest cubase version.

any idea how to get other users with preload instrument sound.



I have noticed and and compare with the users admin and other user there is

On Admin ( where this is the initial account that installed the s/w)
C | Users | [Name] | AppData | Roaming | VST3 Presets | Steinberg | Content

HALION, VST sound folder are there. (8G of data)

On other User
C | Users | [Name] | AppData | Roaming | VST3 Presets | Steinberg | Content

HALION, VST sound folder missing

It seem to works not fully test it out. But I am working for the college, there will be more than one users to use this and we cannot adding 8G data on the HD every time, is there a way that cubase that can use the one folder that can access for all users.


Normally when you install a program or VSTi, it asks you during the install if you want to allow all users on that computer access to the program…which if that’s what’s wanted, that’s what should have been done.

What would probably work is to uninstall the VSTi and reinstall it with the proper options…what may work (or not) is to put in the install disk etc, and try to install only certain components…unless an install can overwrite a previous install without having to uninstall it, but that may lead you to just uninstalling anyway.

That’s all I’ve got.

I did that option, all user.

I am trying again,Just incase,

a new os installation + cubase

If the above does not work it might be worth checking the vst “paths” are correct, in Devices/Plugin information in Cubase. The vsts dll file has to be in a directory specified by this window, you can have as many plugin paths as you need. If the VST is not in the paths then it will be invisible to Cubase
BTW you should not need to reinstall Windows or Cubase


Thanks both, I am sure I did for all users setting for 5 times, but this time worked

Now The user have all the program in VST but no sound coming out from user right(UAC), but in Admin right have sound coming out.

no other setting have been change.
anyone have this problem.

First of all, you should now try again what ZeroZero say’s above …

If you are seeing the VSTi in your VST Instruments list, and only have sounds from one of the user accounts and not the other, I have to think that the VSTi loaded is not pointing to it’s library (sound content).

I know some VSTi’s allow you to direct to it’s sounds/library somewhere within it’s own settings after the installation, some may not…like Addictive Drums for example, if you move it’s sounds to another location or folder after installation, you cannot access those without moving them back to where they were installed to originally. Did you move it’s library at some point?

Anyway,again… try to see if you can direct the VSTi to it’s library is all I can offer to suggest. That’s would I would do, and if that didn’t work I’d start to think about uninstalling, removing all left over files manually (if any) and reinstalling the VSTi all over again.

You don’t say which VSTs but some may offer to install for single user OR for multiple users - what is going on with the Steinberg VSTs? are they showing up and working?
They are in a different directory.
Cubase tends to make a mess of VST locations over installation of different versions of the Cubase folder, but I presume you only have one version of Cubase on your system.


I recall Cubase at one time not saving a path of certain VSTi’s one time for some strange reason :confused: I just said “screw this” and moved the .dll to the path that it wanted to go to & was back. This was even more strange because I’d been using the same set up for over a year and a half before this BS.