Different versions of the same VST - How can I pick?

Hello my dear sirs,

I recently switched from FL to Cubase. Now, I have alot of plugins. Since FL runs 32bit and always crashes with 64bit plugins, I had all my 32bit plugins in a folder called vstplugins. Now, all the plugin installation programs had this tiny option to install the 64bit version to another folder. So, now I have about 10 vst folders.

I put all those folders into the plugin-options in Cubase. But now, the problem seems to be, that Cubase takes the 32bit versions of the plugins instead of the 64bit versions (although it scans the other folders properly). And I can’t see an option to chose, which version of the plugin it should take.

Is there any way to pick the right version of the plugin by myself?


On win7 64 bit installs, 32 bit vst’s go into folder in “program files(x86)” and 64 bit go into vst plugins in “program files” Then go to menu devices/plugins in cubase and choose at will what you want to see or add, update and all is well. Not sure on sox, your signature doesn’t say what your using.

Yeah, I know that. But in the list some of the plugins only get shown in their 32bit versions. And I can’t change anything in the list. Maybe I should throw out all plugins again and then first add the 64bit plugin folders and only after that the 32bit folder? Will that change something?

I’m using an i7-3930k with 32gb ram and a DIGI 003 audiointerface. Win 7 64bit. Plugins, I have too many to start to list.

Look, I’ve made a screenshot. All the plugins are listed in their 32bit version. From some of them, I even have vst3 versions, but they’re listed in the vst2 version.

Ok, I figured it out. I missed out alot of the folders, where the vst3 and the 64bit plugins were hidden. Had to search and search and search. Now, I just have the Miroslav Philharmonik running in 32bit, but there’s no 64bit version of it.

Excellent, you seem to have got it. Its a matter of remembering the plug in paths when you install them, some dll will go to their own named app folder, most 64 bit seem to go to the right place though. The Miroslave is a 32 bit app that will run within a 32 bit host via bridge. Don’t think a 64 bit has been released? You can check on IK Multimedia site for that in case their is an update

Yeah, I always just clicked “ok” while installing, which was major idiotic. Miroslav doesn’t have a 64bit version, I already checked their page. But it’s not such a good plugin anyway. Wasted money. So it doesn’t disturb me much.

Thanks for your help, brother!