Different versions?

Will there be a “lite” verson of Dorico, similar to the less expensive offerings from your competitors?

It would be interesting if there were different or “lite” versions marketed to certain kinds of users. For instance, I use notation software to write music, and I’m not an engraver so have no use for all the engraving features. I simply want a fast way of entering music and am not too concerned about engraving-quality output. The full blown versions of notation software tend to be very expensive, and there are complex features that certain types of users simply don’t need.

Yes, we expect that in the fullness of time we will have at least one cut-down version of Dorico available, in much the same way that there are three (or four if you count the versions that ship with some hardware products) versions of Cubase (Pro, Artist, Elements). But we are not planning on introducing any cut-down versions in the lifetime of the first version of Dorico. We would like to focus on establishing Dorico’s professional credentials and maturing its workflows before we take out the scalpel to start nipping and tucking.

So use MuseScore.