Different vertical Spacing Settings for a certain flow / or page?


I‘m writing a series of pieces for my students (25 flows).

The spacing settings don‘t work well for all pieces. Is there a way to change the settings for a certain flow (or page)?

Thanks a lot!


Vertical spacing or note spacing?

Vertical Spacing. Sorry!

Vertical spacing settings are for the entire layout, I’m afraid, and there isn’t the equivalent of a note spacing change for vertical spacing.

If you want to share some examples, it might be possible to get advice on settings that produce a more balanced result overall.

Otherwise, you can either manually override some pages as needed, or create multiple layouts, with each one able to have different settings as is appropriate for the flows it contains. I appreciate that isn’t ideal in the context of creating a single worksheet!

Hello Lillie,

Thanks for your fast response.

The main challenge probably is, that I have very different numbers of systems per page and the defaults fit many cases but not the ‚extreme‘ cases.

I have now (for me surprisingly) found that - in some cases - a fast way to achieve a different and even spacing, is to change the size of the music frame (justified to 100%).

This is probably technically not perfect but for me in many cases much faster and more flexible than manually editing single systems.

Coming from Sibelius - I‘m actually missing the opportunity to evenly space selected systems (Selecting the Top and Bottom Stave).

But I‘m still learning a lot about Dorico and different ways to achieve the desired result.

Thanks a lot and greetings,


Are you aware of these Layout settings that expand systems to fill a page?

Hi Derrek,

Yes, I’m aware of those. Thanks a lot.


This is a perfectly reasonable method, and in fact, if you find that several pages need a similarly-sized but smaller music frame, you can create a page template with a music frame that size on it, and assign that page template to the required pages.

Alternatively, set both vertical justification values to something very high (>90%) and increase the minimum gap between systems substantially, to something like 15 spaces or even higher. That way, pages won’t justify to fill the full height of the page until they’re much fuller, but the gaps between systems even on unjustified pages will still be comfortable.