different Video Outputs

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will it be possible to output simultaniously a video with wipes and counts and without them? Many directors in ADR want to see a picture that does not contain wipes and counts and black - video - black. This is essential in ADR work.



No, there’s only one video output.


Perhaps include the option to review what has recorded without?

if it’s possible to set up a keycommand to toggle that stuff on/off then you could create a macro to do precisely that.

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the problem is not to toggle between inserts and clean picture, but a simultanious playback of the same picture with and without inserts from one machine. That would make ADR more compfortable.

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Also Streamers from Figure53. Used in lots of ADR in Los Angeles.


Thanks for your proposals.The question is not to use a second possibility or a workaround, But it would be much easier to have second, cleanfeed output, with this beautiful, at least I think it will be, ADR option than to sync a second playback system to it, withh all the problems you are facing in a tight produktion schedule.
But I think, that due to customers demand it will be implemented soon. At least it is my hope.

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