Different voice names in Write / Play

I love having the possibility to have different sounds on different voices, but n divisi passages and on multi staff instruments different voices gets different names in in Write and play. I guess this is a bit complicated since you can’t see the different staves connected to one instrument (e.g. piano or divided strings) in Play, only the different voices.
Is this an expected behavior?


IIRC, the drop down in Play mode doesn’t automatically change to the voice selected, it’s just a dropdown to set the VST and channel settings.

It is the expected behaviour, though we know that it makes it difficult to keep track of what’s what between Write and Play modes. In Play mode there’s no sense of which staff the voice belongs to (this being a rather variable and transitory thing anyway in Dorico), because Play mode only cares about voices belonging to instruments, not which staff they come from. But we do hope to find a better way to correlate these voices in future.

Oki, thanks Daniel! :+1::+1: