Different voices layout

I’m working on a piano piece layout and I need to start a second voice from the second half of the bar. (Attachment included). I want the first beat to be a chord in one voice and then the second beat with two voices. When I make the first chord to be one voice, it creates a rest underneath it for the 2nd voice coming in the second half of the bar. I couldn’t figure out how to make that rest disappear, so I kept it both with two voices and just manually moved the first beat over as precisely as I could and forced the stem up. But now it’s a bit ugly, it isn’t aligned perfectly (shown with red arrow)…I tried the “end/start voice” buttons, but they just don’t work on any notes in that bar, as soon as I click them, they switch off again immediately.

Here’s how to remove rests :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks a lot. The edit menu surprises me again and again. Next time it’s the first thing I will search through!

You can set your own key command for it, which I’ve done and would thoroughly recommend!