Different Volume of Tracks in same BUS

so, i am having a little problem at the moment with cubase 12 (pro).
lets say i have the following routing for my tracks…

I am totally happy with my Mixing, how the Compressors on VOX Main and VOX Double are set, etc…
But after lets say a day, i don’t like the balance between the “Singing 1,2” and “Double 1,2,3,4” because i want the background singer to be louder.

How do i change the volume of just the “Singing 1” and “Singing 2” track now?
if i simply drag the faders of the tracks, the compressor will hit way harder of course… cant change it tough, because then i would also change the compression of the other double vocals.
if i drag the fader of “VOX Double”, the volume would change without any changes to the compressor BUT it would change for every track in “VOX Double”.

i mean i could fix it like this, should work, but will take lots of more CPU power then:

so is there any other way, like getting a “post-mixer” fader or something? i hope its understandable what i mean by that… i didnt find any solution anywhere yet, just some workarounds like the one i already mentioned.

Hav you tried VCA Groups?

It sounds to me like you already understand the situation quite well.
You made a decision to only use a single compressor on a group channel and now you are experiencing its caveats so to speak.

Maybe you’re overthinking this? If I were in your shoes, and I’m sure I’ve found myself in much similar situations before, I would simply bypass the compressor on the “VOX Double” group channel, make level adjustments as required and then re-adjust the compressor if needed.
As @cubace mentioned above, VCA tracks (or just Quick Link if you prefer) might come in handy here to gang all the “Double” faders and all the “Singing” faders.

If the compressors on your group channels are driven quite hard, perhaps consider breaking it down and use more compressor instances. Depending on the material, either by further grouping all “Double” tracks and all “Singing” tracks or by putting compressors on each of the tracks.
(Often times this approach also yields better results.)

As you might have already guessed, there is no way you can adjust the level on any of the “Double” or “Singing” tracks without affecting the compressor on the group channel. Unless of course the compressor is reacting on a sidechain signal.

If the “singing” tracks are substantially different in level and sound than the “double” tracks, I’d probably use your second solution with two groups.
Else, what mlindeb wrote. Adjusting compressors after changing the levels is just part of mixing, isn’t it?

Are you close to maxing out?

If not don’t worry about using more CPU power. If you didn’t buy your CPU capacity so you could use it, what other reason is there to have it.

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thanks for all the advices and tipps.

i guess i was really overthinking this too hard :sweat_smile:

it made me into thinking that every solo track will simply go through the inserts-chain in the group. and there was my problem since all the inserts in the group just touch the fully-merged group signal, not the single tracks, right? :sweat_smile:
oh damn :joy: