Different VST Channels Per Voice

Hi there,

I’ve added an SATB choir grand staff to my project. I’d like each voice to play back through a different channel. As it is, the dynamics seem to be getting calculated slightly differently in each voice and, as they’re on a single channel, they’re fighting each other and producing strange juddery effects. Is this possible?

Hmmm…I don’t understand. If you create a SATB choir from the default template within Dorico (in the starting page choose -> ‘Choral and Vocal’ and then ‘SATB’) you get already a 4 channel template -> see attachment
And if not, just go to playback and choose the channels in your voices.

Jazzisfaction, the OP has added a choir grand staff - that’s one instrument with two staves, joined by a bracket.

Aprilwine, there’s no easy way around this except to work in expanded choir staves - one for each voice.

I do have each choir voice in its own Dorico voice (so they show up as different colors)… I’m not needing to arbitrarily split up multi-note chords that are in one Dorico voice. Just want to be clear that you’re saying there’s no current way to have two Dorico voices on one staff map to different patches?

Also, what does this button do? It’s not always there, and not in the videos I’ve watched. Thought it might be relevant to this discussion.

That’s correct.

That is correct, but there are plans to make it possible in future.

MIDI channels are only numbered from 0 to 15, but some VST instruments can use more than 16 MIDI inputs. That button selects which “port” (group of 16 channels) to use.

It doesn’t appear in all the videos because it was a new feature in Dorico 2.2, and AFAIK it only appears now for VST instruments (including HALion) that can use it.

I see. Thank you all for your answers… saves me a lot of headaches!