Different WAV file properties

I have exported about 24 files from Wavelab, all in WAV format, dithered to 16-bit with a UH22VR Dither on the output. As far as I was aware, they were all the same - processed in Wavelab with UAD Cambridge, UAD Precision Maximiser, and UAD Precision Limiter.

However, all are apparently not the same! I am using the files with a CD player as backing tracks, and the CD player set to “Single” mode so that it should stop playing after each track.

For most of the tracks this works ok, but on some of the others it just plays straight through to the next track.

In addition, whilst I burn the CDs in Wavelab, if I try to do the same in ROXIO CD Burner V10 it says that some of t he files are not valid files. If I convert them all to MP3, all is well.

I am assuming that I have done somthing wrong on the offending files, but would appreciate some guidance on what to look for - is there a way of coimparing properties between working and non-working files?