Differentiate between transposition of different insruments

Hello network.
I have come across a problem a few times now and it might already have been solved in the new version of Dorico, but I am currently stuck in version 3,5. So please have patience with me.
When migrating my arrangements from Sibelius to Dorico via musicxml, I have a little trouble with the staff labels. For instance: when I want to reset staff labels to the default of dorico, the program does not differentiate between different instrument from the same instrument group.
In one arrangement I have an Eb Clarinet and Bb Clarinet 1-2. When I reset these to the default of Dorico, suddenly the Eb Clarinet is just named clarinet 1 and the Bb Clarinet will be named clarinet 2 and 3. I have similar problems when renaming horns in F and Eb.
Please help. Regards Carsten Coach

Check the options on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options regarding the display of transpositions in staff labels. You can also go to the Edit Instrument Name dialog for each instrument held by the players in your project and set the option at the bottom of that dialog for whether the transposition should always be shown, never be shown, or should follow the value of the option specified in Layout Options.

I’ve just had a problem with a file that has many different horns (in D, C, Eb, F, G…)
The Edit instrument name had “Follow Layout options” selected, and I chose to show the transposition on a second line in First system full label, and yet, they would always appear as Cor (in French), no transposition showing. I had to tweak all horns’ names so that the option would be on “Always”. Is this a known problem? Or are my horns messy? (I don’t recall playing with the default names on horns, but who knows…)

If you can reproduce this problem in a minimal new project, by all means attach it here and I’ll take a closer look.

I will send you the project by email :wink:

Hello Marc and Daniel.
Since I posted this question I have discovered the problem.
Dorico sometimes has a little problem interpreting which instrument is attached to the staff.
For example: In some of the music-xml files I have opened in Dorico the Eb Horn has been interpreted as an F Horn. As soon as I go and change the instrument, the problems with clef and so on disappear.
Just wanted to let you know.