Differnt input-output selection issue.

Hi Learned ones, need some help, I am using a Yamaha MGXU16 mixer with the supplied software, but I connot work out how to select a diffent output to the input, it’s driving me nuts now, almost to the stage of selling & giving up.

I can select either the JamVox or the Yamaha Steinberg, both are then selected as in & out.

Hope this is something really simple.

Cheers, Sam.


As an driver, select Yamaha Steinberg one, please.

To define Inputs, open Devices > VST Connections > Inputs, please.

Hi Martin, done all that, even downloaded the asio4all, this will see the JAMVOX that I use for my output but doesn’t list the Yamaha Steinberg at all as a selectable option.
Really frustrating that software & hardware from what is the same company is clearly not compatible without third party software & loads of messing.
Please tell me otherwise… Cheers Sam.


The ASIO driver (Yamaha Steinberg in your case), you select in Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System.

Yep, done all that, I can select the Yamamha Steinberg, but it defaults to that for input & output, I want to use the Yamaha mixer as input but not as the output, I just cannot get the output to change without it becoming default for In & Out.

I see. You cannot use two devices at once, if the driver is not multi-client ASIO driver (Yamaha Steinberg driver is not). ASIO4ALL can emulate multi-client ASIO.

Thanks Martin, better look round for some recording software that is more usable then.

This is general ASIO driver issue. You will meet this in any software on Windows.

And once again;
Multiclient ASIO means: One driver (or audio device) can be accessed by several ASIO applications.
Multiclient ASIO does not mean: One driver can access several audio devices

Oh, you are right. I thought it’s both. I’m sorry and thank you!