Difficult registering HALion Symphonic Orchestra in eLicense

I am experiencing difficulty activating the downloaded license key for HSO. I followed a set of instructions which advised me to download the trial version ISO disk image, install it, and then try and activate the license key. I have downloaded and installed HALion Symphonic Orchestra - VST Sound Instrument Set. When I attempt to activate the license key in eLicenser it displays a dialogue box asking me to select an elicenser and the soft elicenser is grayed out (unselectable), and that there is no eLicenser connected to my computer. Any one got any ideas, before I lodge a support ticket?

After much careful reading, and comparing different pages on the Steinberg site, I think I have found the root of the problem. For many VST products there is a small reference under the “you are purchasing” section when looking for purchase that indicates you need a USB eLicenser (not the soft eLicenser). In summary, yes, you can buy this, but if you don’t already have the USB eLicenser, you will not be able to activate it.
A trap for the unwitting. :cry: