Difficult use of Alchemy in Cubase8

Since my update to C8.0 when I 'm loading a song with Camel Alchemy vst-synths in it, I’m asked to specify the path to the library of Alchemy for each used instrument in a song. So when I have 4 instruments in a song, Cubase asks me 4x to specify the path…pfffffff.
How can I get rid of that anoying aspect ?
Didn’t have that problem in 7.5

Alchemy loads fine here in several projects after upgrade. I would check the path settings within Alchemy, run a preset refresh, or try reinstalling it. Sounds like a problem within Alchemy not Cubase.

I agree, Alchemy works perfect on my system and Cubase 8 (and I upgraded from 6.5).

Thx for your answer Ulesto ! It gives me a direction to look for the solution !

There is a shortcut in the directory containing the Alchemy.dll that should point to your data directory - make sure it is there