Difficulties Creating a Popup "about" view

Hello, I am almost sure this is a trivial job but I am getting very confused on how to achieve this:

I have an on-off button in my gui (made with VSTGUI editor) associated to a parameter. I also created an additional view in the editor to represent my popup. I would like the popup view to appear on top of the main view (in the center) when I press the button, and to go away if I press the button again.

So far I have tried to play around with the view-switch-container view without success. I read around that this view needs to be controlled by a control instead of a parameter, but I still don’t understand how to create this control (in code or in the editor) and how to interact with it.
The other issue I am finding with the switch container is that even when it is displaying a transparent view it will block mouse interactions with the gui elements below it in the main view.

Could anyone give me some pointers on how to achieve this? Thank you

Hi, After an unholy amount of hours spent experimenting and digging through the code I found out that the template names in the “template-names” attribute of the UIViewSwitchContainer must be of course comma-separated and, crucially, WITHOUT SPACE AFTER THE COMMA.

I hope this will be useful to other newbies like me