Difficulties editing tempo when it overlaps with a text frame

If I want to change the Tempo I have to go into the Engrave Mode pull down the Tempo marking more near the System as soon I put the new Tempo in it ju8mps up again if you try to put in a new Tempo it again goes into a Font Mode, very Bad
this program is a toy
Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 15.00.17

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 15.00.43
Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 15.00.51
Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 15.00.59

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If you just want to change the tempo speed (or text, or anything), you can do that in the Properties panel.

Engrave mode is for fine adjustments on the page, relative to the default position.
It looks like the tempo mark is trying to avoid colliding with whatever that “Intro” thing is. There may be an option to avoid this, depending on what it is.

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If you want to move text items significantly away from their default position, I recommend disabling text collision avoidance first: this tells Dorico not to consider that item when determining the positions of surrounding items.

There’s also an option to align text with the start of the system automatically, as well.

And as Ben has said, when you re-open the popover and change the contents that way, any properties set on the item are liable to be reset, because re-confirming the popover essentially inputs items as if they were new. Best to use Properties to edit parameters of existing items.

Another tip: instead of double-clicking (which might indeed result in you entering a text frame by accident), try selecting items then pressing Return. It does the same as double-clicking, but can be a more precise method.


Thank you very much, that helped
I have to say I am more impressed with this Forum, here are some good people.

My feeling of Dorico, its still a very complicated Program , there are to many places
where you can change values and that is not very helpful

You’re welcome - you’ll find that this forum is generally a friendly and helpful place, especially if one poses their questions in a similarly constructive manner :slight_smile:


Hi Lily,
I’m happy I read your contribution to the forum. O’ super new to Dorico so I’m reading forums just to see what I may encounter. Does Dorico offer an option between either types of chord nomenclature, or has the maj. min been royally replaced by MA and MI? Also what does it show for diminished and augmented. And finally (I know I’ll find in the manual), how does Dorico work with extended harmonies such as flat 9 , or sharp 11. Does it used stacked extensions with parentheses?
Thanks in advance.

I meant totally replaced

Dorico has a variety of ways one can configure chords in Engraving Options. If you have Dorico Pro you can explore them. Check the Library Menu to find Engraving Options.

Take a look in Library > Engraving Options > Chord Symbols, where you’ll find an impressively comprehensive set of options.

Thank you so much.