Difficulties playing exported mixdown on laptop sound card.

I am a newbie, so please don’t laugh too hard… :laughing:

I am using Cubase LE 5 to record a mono voice test through a US-122mkII interface (TASCOM Interface). I successfully record and playback through through the Tascom Interface. I then export/mixdown to a wave file so that I can play it on my laptop without dragging the Tascom interface where ever I go. But when I try to open the sound file using Windows Media Player or VLC I don’t hear any sound (sometimes WMP states there is a conflict and sometimes it states it couldn’t open the file. VLC appears to open the file but there is no sound). The control panel shows that the normal soundcard properties are enabled.

After I fiddle around with the SoundBlaster settings (restoring defaults, unsetting and resetting properties,etc) I am able to hear the sound through the PC’s speakers. I believe that I should not have to do all that fiddling and that something else is wrong. Is there a proper way to shutdown Cubase and to restore the default sound settings to the PC? Is there a possible mismatch in the audio bit depth sample rates (16bit vs 24 bit depth) that might also cause this type of problem? :nerd:

My System: Windows 7 Pro on an i5 core laptop (Dell 1558 studio). I am using the motherboard’s audio hardware (Intel) running Soundblaster SB X-Fi MB software with an IDT audio codec. I installed the latest ASIO drivers from Cubase.

thanks for any help.

You should export the wav file to 44100 Hz 16 bit, anything else and normal media players might not like it very much.
At least on my laptop, it automatically switches to the onboard soundcard as soon as I unplug my firewire soundcard, so I should work.