Difficulties Resizing Moved Bars Onto First Page

I would like to move three bars onto my first page which has just two staves.

Following previous threads I was able to to move a stave through selecting first note then last note of the bars to move and making these into a new frame. I would also mention that I could not do this through make new system. When I tried this, all the bars piled on top of each other.

Having moved bars onto the first page using the make new frame, I then tried to resize just the first page. Again, following threads, I selected the blue frame icon and then the properties panel. When I tried to resize it seemed to work at first, then two of the bars on the last stave disppeared. The other two staves were fine and were resized leaving the third staff just one bar the whole width of the page.

I’ve spent ages on this trying everything I could find to resolve it but I must be missing something here.

I’d appreciate any help with this.


I know you worked hard to write that description, but it doesn’t get us all the way to really being able to help you. Can you post a cut-down version of the project that shows the issue?

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I’m guessing you have two systems on the page rather than two five-line staves. Still giving us a Dorico file (or sufficient excerpt) to look at, as Mark suggests, is the only expeditious way to suggest solutions for your situation.

Thanks for your replies.

I have now managed to resolve this. I just created a system break then selected the blue system sign post of the first page then resized this in the properties panel. Perfect result.