Difficulty getting access to HALion One

Cubase 5 License required to get access to HALion One - I have Cubase 11 and HALion 6 license but cannot find Cubase 5 Licence.I have had Cubase since Atari days:) PC version now.

If you have a Cubase 11 license, you can use it to install and open Cubase 5.
HALion One no longer exists. The sounds of HALion One should be available in HALion Sonic SE, which belongs to the current Cubase version, as it has been posted here in the forum several times

Thank you for your reply. I will try as you suggest to install the Cubase 5 License as the alert for a licensed copy is preventing HALion One from being accessible for sounds. I have HALion Sonic SE but my Project warns that the sound file I originally used is not available.

Try downloading and installing the installation file for HALion One. But I don’t know if all the sounds are included.

You can find the latest version inkl. 64bit on the Cubase 5.5 installation DVD. You can download an ISO file from this DVD.

I did as you suggest. Loading the software however does not address the issue regarding the error when I try to update the VST Instrument plugins. that is that the licence for Cubase 5 is missing. If a look at my licenses I have HALion Symphonic Orchestra 1.x and HALion Player OEM 3.x, HALion 6 and Cubase 11. All of my previous licenses for Cubase have bee subsumed into Cubase 11 so I cannot specifically reactivate Cubase 5 on my new PC.

I thought you only need HALion One?
The installation files for this are located in a separate folder on Cubase 5.5. DVD. You don’t need to install Cubase 5, HALion One can be installed separately.
You don’t need a special license for HALion One, the plug-in works with a Cubase 11 license as well as with the Cubase 5 license.

But maybe I didn’t understand you correctly, then you would have to describe again in the details what you are planning to do and which error message appears exactly

What is the exact error message you’re getting? You shouldn’t need a separate license.

First of all -Apologies for writing Cubase 5 when it should have read HALion 5.
My situation: New PC, Loading Cubase 11 and all other historic relevant files to play my Projects.
A Project that I copied from my old PC showed a sound file missing (HALion One - StereoSt1) .
I have got rid of all my old physical software and my investigation showed that HALion One was included up to Cubase 5 or HALion 5.
I have copied over HALion 5 files from my old PC believing I would pick up the old HALion One Sound library.
When I open a Project on the new PC using Cubase 11 and try to update the VST Instruments I get a message, "HALion 5- No valid Licence Detected for HALion 5. Please connect your eLicenser and click retry.
Retry or Cancel
I press Cancel to back out of the action.

Thanks for your reply -the error message is shown in the reply to P.A.T. below.

Very strange … :thinking:
If you have a valid license for the full version of HALion 6, this license is also valid for all previous HALion versions, i.e. also for HALion 5. However, I also know the problem that old projects in which I had used HALion 5 could not be opened immediately on my new system with Cubase 11 and HALion 6. That’s why I installed HALion 5 again on my new system. Now the old projects can be opened without any problems, the HALion 5 presets are recognized with the correct settings. However, HALion 6 is loaded into the track as VSTi, the presets are converted to the new format when loading.

Nevertheless: HALion One has nothing to do with HALion 5.
HALion One belonged to Cubase up to version 5.5 and was later replaced by the HALion Sonic SE.

If your HALion One tracks are marked as missing, you should try to install this old plugin. Unless you know what the sounds are. Then you can load the identical sounds in HS SE.

Best regards!

Thank you I have found my Cubase 5 Update software so I will investigate what I can/should reload.

I believe Halion 6 licence is the exception to the rule. It will not run Halion 5. Maybe do a search for it, there was a special thing about it since it was the first time halion could be on the soft elicencer. You could request a special halion 5 licence if I remember correctly.

Sorry, I have to correct my previous statement.
I can use HALion 5 on my PC because I got a separate license for it from Steinberg. Here is the corresponding info from Steinberg:

HALion 6 update FAQ – Steinberg Support
"Does the HALion 6 license include previous HALion versions?
No, the HALion 6 license only covers HALion 6. Previously, HALion 5 also covered HALion 4 and HALion 3. Unfortunately this is not possible with HALion 6 due to the switch from USB-eLicenser (dongle) to Soft-eLicenser (license container on hard disk).

If you need a separate HALion 5 license to use the 32-bit HALion 5 on a separate system, please get in touch with the support via MySteinberg. They will provide you with a dedicated HALion 5 add-on license that can be used in parallel to your HALion 6. It won’t be possible on the same system though, since HALion 6 replaces the HALion 5 application. The HALion 5 Add-on license is a USB-eLicenser license and will also cover previous licenses like HALion 4 and HALion 3."

Thank you for your guidance- this is also born out by P.A.T.'s view.

Thank you for that. I must admit that all I want is to be able to use the sound files from HALion One on my new PC. The alternative in extreme is to select a replacement from Cubase 11 version. I appreciate all the advice that you have given.

Then you should install the old HALion One plug-in on your new PC. You don’t need HALion 5, and you don’t need a license other than Cubase (11). As I said, it works fine for me, see also here:
Cubase 10 and HalionOne - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
I had already posted the link to the Cubase 5.5 ISO file above.
If you open this file with Windows 10, you will find a separate installation folder for HALionOne. It is not necessary to install Cubase 5.5 or any other programs on this ISO file.

That seems to make perfect sense to me:) Will report back.

I downloaded HALion One and linked all the sound files and everything seems to be working fine now. Thank you for all your help:) Problems solved!