Difficulty getting sound out of Cubase AI

Cannot get sound from Cubase, plugged in guitar to UR44, track meter shows sound going in, records garbled sound (sounds like effect).

Also, HPF, phase switch and other things are missing from the meters on my panel.

On my DSPFX mixer, I have these things but not on the track console. Should I be using DSPFX with Cubase? I have heard that you are not supposed to use them both.

Unfortunately, there is no manual for offline use.


What is your Audio Connections > Outputs settings? Make sure, Stereo Out is set to Output 1 & 2.

Yes it is setup correctly, can get it to work but there is no direct monitor, I can hit the monitor button on the track and that will give me monitor through the cpu but how do i get direct monitor? thanks!

I have 6 other DAW’s on my computer at the moment, trying to decide which one to get. They all work fine with the UR44 and the DSPFX mixer.

But I cannot get Cubase to work properly with the UR44, I must be doing something wrong.

There is no direct monitoring and some of the features are missing i think from the tracks etc

I thought there was some integration directly of the UR44 with Cubase, should I be using the DSPFX mixer or not? Thanks.