Difficulty in migrating VST plugins and VIs from Win7 to Win10 or 11

I’m about to purchase a new DAW and take my current DAW VSTs & VIs which are well over 75 total over to the new machine… Many are from Steinberg but I also have quite a few Waves as well as a few Spectrasonics VIs, Music Lab and others.
Is it as simple as copying all the DLLs, etc to the new machine and relinking them
to the VST and/or VI licensing software and running them on the new machine or are there other factors I need to take into consideration.
Thx in advance for replying.
ciao, Dan


Install the VST(i)s to the new system, activate them and your are ready to go.

Hi Martin,
That sounds like something even I can do. :wink:
thx for the reply.
ciao, Dan