Difficulty logging in to install Cubase 12 on second computer and other questions

  1. I successfully logged in to Steinberg download manager on my PC.

Then I tried to do the same with the same login credentials on my Macbook, and after two unsuccessful attempts, I got a warning that I get only one more try before getting locked out of my account.

Maybe I got mixed up between all the different logins we have to have for SB?

Can someone please clarify which login is required for downloading purchased software with the download manager - is it the “MY Steinberg” or is it the “Steinberg store”.

  1. After using Cubase 12 on my PC for a few days I got an e-mail saying that I had not finished authorizing my upgrade purchase. The provided instructions to authorize were convulted and confusing. I removed the eliscenser ( which I understand is no longer needed for CUBASE 12 - is that correct? and rebooted, and everything seems find now - Am I at risk of losing access to Cubase, because of some authorization issue? - I am concerned because of question 1 above - I cant seem to log in on my Mac

  2. I will need to run Cubase on my Macbook in a place with no internet on a regular basis. If the dongle is no longer needed, and there is no internet, will I have a problem launching Cubase in that setting?

There is one log in for steinberg.net, that’s for everything except for Asknet, the Steinberg shop. The latter is only used when you buy a product.