difficulty of reproduction of MIDI score

I am having difficulty getting my E-W voices to play smoothly, using cubase 6.

I have attached a sample. To produce this sample, I opened a cubase file with two tracks on it. On one track I used Vienna Symphonic Library (piano) and on the other track I used EWQL Symphonic Library (piano).I used identical MIDI data for both tracks. The first track to be heard is VSL which reproduces the MIDI notes perfectly. The subsequent track, using EWQL, is reproduces the notes very unevenly(whether using piano or any other voice). This effect becomes more pronounced when I increase the speed.

My Cubase is run on a computer with i7 processor and 24G ram. There were no other programs running at the time I made the file.

All help greatly appreciated.

VSL sample then E-W sample.mp3 (938 KB)

I have had lots of problems with EWQL libraries in Cubase, same as Logic and Digital Performer. Lots of inlogical samples with wrong velocity. Lots of notes has been skiped, etc.

I’m sure, it was problem of Play engine (because it was the same in diferent DAWs, using diferent sound cards, computers…). I switched to diferent libraries (mainly VSL). No problem with it.

Hi Martin

Thanks for helpful reply. It seems as though I will have to get other libraries. Would you be able to tell me the libraries that you you find useful and work ok?


Hi John,

For symphonic-orchestral sounds, I’m using Vienna Symphonic Library. It sounds much more better, than EWQLSO, and it works. :wink: