Difficulty with 12.0.30 - go back to prev version?

Just installed this now Cubase is total not usable for me. completely locks up after 5 min. and never got the blank side on plugins which this claims to have fixed and now I do get that problem?
I have not completed 1 single song on 12 yet this is most trouble I have ever had with software and the most money I spent? so disappointed
version 11 worked well for me but i love the new remote feature’s and the chord track improvents if only I could use it

is there a way to go back 1 version. it was crappy but at least i could use it??


If you are on Windows, just uninstall the 12.0.30 update. If you are on Mac, you have to delete the application and install 12.0.20.

Windows 10 pro and yes i used the manager