Difficulty working with video

I am trying to set up multiple flows for a series of cues and I can’t find a guide.

  1. How do I scrub through the video to find and mark hit points?
  2. How do I set each marker as a separate flow?

Neither of these things is obvious. I want to make the switch from Logic but I can’t/won’t if these are not existing features.

At the moment I can only use Dorico as an engraving tool. Even there, while clearly powerful, it is fiddley to get master page sets for full score and parts to work out correctly. I have spent HOURS researching and testing and playing with settings and can’t sort it out. I’m doing a lot of manual work to get my parts to look the same. But that’s another topic…

And certainly will NOT upgrade to pro if I can’t sort the layouts out at least; which was only my to-do list for Q4. This is turning out to be more trouble than anything.

Hello @bennett.j - there isn’t an in-built scrub feature, but you can move the playhead in these ways which updates the video frame shown in the video window. Perhaps this can be of use in the meantime?

Setting markers as separate flows - if you mean at any point where you’ve set a marker, you want that to start a new flow, you can split the flow at that position.

Sorry to hear about your difficulties with master pages and getting your layouts right. If you want to share some examples (both of what you’d like to achieve and where you’re at currently), I (and others here on the forum I’m sure) would be very happy to help. The intention behind master pages is that manual work in each separate layout shouldn’t be necessary as a general rule, although full master page editing functionality is only available in Dorico Pro.

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Will share in a bit. I just wanted to add that you all are beating the pants off of Logic in the tutorial, documentation, and support categories. Good job there. Stay tuned for. more regarding my master page issue please and thank you.


I hope I’m not speaking too soon but I got the bulk of this sorted. There is one last thing. I cannot get rid of the flow title (as a part of the music frame) consistently. I have selected Layout Options → Page Setup → Flows → Show Flow Headings → Never AND I have create a blank flow heading in Engrave mode. There are no overrides.

This element is removed in “Violin 1” but not any other part even after selecting my bank flow heading. See attached.

Sane Master page for both…

Each layout can have different Layout Options. Within the Layout Options dialog did you select all the part layouts on the right hand side (either by Shift-clicking them or by using the Select All Part Layouts button at the bottom) before turning off Flow Headings and Applying?

(For what it’s worth, you really don’t need a custom “None” Flow Heading in this situation - its over-complicating something that should just be a flick of a switch in Layout Options.)

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@Lillie_Harris Thanks for this response. Until a playhead scrubbing feature is available I can’t in any way leave Logic for writing. Secondly, when attaching the video we should be able to set the in AND out. Not having the cue end defined, as it’s currently set up, presumes that the user knows how many bars, at what tempo and signature, to get to the end of the cue. Film composers need to scrub through the video to find those things and set tempo changes and signature changes. Without the ability to 1. scrub through the video and 2. set a cue start and end in the flow, I don’t see how any film composer can confidently switch to Dorico completely.

When you say

Selecting it so it appears highlighted in the panel on the right won’t change anything in the layout. If you wanted that particular flow heading template to appear on a specific page, you would need to add a flow heading change to individual pages.

That said, I think Leo’s right in that you just need to make sure you’ve selected all the layouts in which you want to make the change to change all those layouts simultaneously.

I didn’t think I had to have a custom Flow heading but I was just trying anything that might work.

I will try the suggestion. That is a hidden little nuance.

So I just had to go set show flow heading to Never for each part individually in the layout option. That is NOT awesome. Why isn’t this globally applied? I couldn’t save as default because it was greyed out in some cases.

It’s not global because Layout Options aren’t global. Let’s say you have a pianist and a violinist in your project - it may be that in the parts the piano staves have to be a little smaller in order to fit enough systems on a page, or you may want bar numbers in slightly different places, or chord symbols, or…

You can Save As Default with one layout selected, and you must have the layout switch in the bottom corner set to the correct layout type (Part in this case) or the Save As Default button will indeed be greyed out.

You’d then need to Reset to Saved Defaults for the existing part layouts, or trash them and just create new ones (Setup > Create Default Part Layouts).

Or just do what I initially suggested, which is select all the part layouts, then make the changes you need to make, then Apply.

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How do you select all part layouts?

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Hold shift and click them on the right layout panel?

You can click the first part layout and Shift-click the last part layout, or you can click one layout and hold Cmd/Ctrl and then individually click other layouts, or you can use the button I screenshotted above.

Man… Theres a lot of little things to learn here. This is a detailed ass app.

Still sticking to what I said about about the payhead stuff though.

AND your tech help and documentation is lightyears beyond Logic (nonexistent)

Thanks to both of you for all the help.

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(There are hints for ways to select other layouts included in every topic that involves going into Layout Options, e.g. here.)

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Thanks. Much appreciated.