Diffrence between Cubase LE, LI..

Hi there!

About one year ago I bought “Cubase Elements 8”, it was named so according to the package.
But it seems to be “Cubase LE, LI Elements” according to the icon on the computers desktop. Are these two the same program?

My problem started when I upgraded from Elements 8 to Elements 9 (downloaded it from Steinberg internet shop).
I did this upgrade: Cubase Elements 9 Upgrade from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or Sequel .
But now I´m sure if this is the right upgrade, because there was another one from Elements 8.
The problem is that I can´t register it in my eLicencer Control Center, I think that I have tryed everything…

I sended an request to Steinberg one week ago, but still no answere from them, therefore I´ll try here…

Kind Regards JUHE


If you owned Cubase Elements 8, you should buy an upgrade from Cubase Elements, but LE/AI/Sequel. The license is important here. You can find your exact license in the eLCC application.

You are right the application is the same. Just the license decides which function are available and which are not (in smaller derivatives like LE/AI).

Yes, if you had Elements 8 you should have picked “Update from Cubase Elements 6 / 7 / 8”. I’m not sure why you would pick the last option when it’s more expensive and doesn’t list the version you bought.

If you haven’t done this already, contact asknet support and explain that you bought the wrong update. They’ll be able to give you a refund.


Thanks Romantique! Good idea…

Now at least I got the right upgrade to Elements 9, and asknet shall (hopefully) refund the money for the wrong update I did (still haven’t got any).
But there is also problems with the new upgrade, the E-licencer can’t get any contact with Steinberg server. I have updated the E-licencer…
Is there anyone who have or have had same problems? Any solutions?
I want to make music, not struggle with updates…
I have contacted the support, but maybe there is someone here in the forum who has an solution?
Kind regards JUHE


Maybe your Firewall is blocking the communication with Steinberg server.

Thank you Martin!
Yes I also thought that it was the Firewall or the Virus program witch blocked, I deactivated the Firewall but coldn`t deactivate the Virus program.
But now I found where to deactivate the Virus program Bit Defender, it was easy. I did it under Protection and Protection shield off.
Thanks again, now I can make Music again…
Regards JUHE