DIGI 002r and Cubase 6 MAC Help Needed

I am trying to use a DigiDesign 002 rack with Cubase 6 (MAC). The unit appears in Cubase 6 ASIO Device Setup as ‘DigiDesign HW 002’ so its in the list. When I try to play back an audio track there is no sound coming out of the unit but its fine when I use it with ProTools LE on the MAC. Does anyone know if this unit needs some special Mac Digidesign driver for CuBase and if so what is it? Any help to get this unit working would be appreciated.

You probably just need to configure the I/O’s in VST Connections.

@ Hell Yeh

Thanks for answering but in the VST connections the channel names of the device are on the stereo outputs so thats not the problem. It has something to do with the driver I think. I normally use a PC but at present I’m using a MacBook Pro and I’m a bit lost with it.

You still want to check in VST Connections that the outputs of the stereo bus are set to the 002R’s outputs. The name of the output doesn’t matter. The output could be called “donkey brains” and still work. It’s the assigned outputs that are important.

@Hell Yeh

Here is what I see in the VST connections device port. The bus name left and right channels are set to Stereo out, the Audio device is ‘Digidesign HW 002’, the device port is: ‘DigiDesign Plug-in stream 1’ and ‘DigiDesign Plug-in stream 2’ assuming that these connections are correct then it can’t be the VST connections so what else to look at?

I have the same problem with my Digidesign MBox. Have someone the solution? @ Keyoard: have you fixed the problem?

Same problem here!

I have the same problem with Mbox and Cubase 5.5.3… I had a recent complete hard disk reset and I think this is related with OS update (10.6.7 now) or driver update (but I thought I had version 7.0 before too).
Anybody solved the issue?

Hi !

Have you disabled the control room ? You should have, if you don’t use it.

Hi Jerome, thank you for your interest! As stands for me, Control room is disabled. Also input aren’t tracking any signal… even if it is present and correctly routed! Cubase works fine with internal audio and Mbox works fine with other audio applications (Audacity).

It’s notoriously finicky, try looking for an updated core driver on digidesigns site, have you got protools installed? (that may help???)

No I haven’t ProTools installed - I own a very very old version - don’t think it works with Snow Leopard, I use the interface only with Cubase… or better, I used to use it :frowning: