Digital Audio Issues Using Lynx AES-16e & Aurora 16

Hi –

I had been using two Lynx AES-16e cards an an Aurora 16 in my Windows 7 (64 bit) PC running Cubase 64 bit. Things ran smoothly until recently, when a problem emerged,

I’m not sure if it’s hardware-related, driver related (I’m running all the latest driver and firmware), or even just a Cubase issue. It now acts up whether I use Cubase 7 or 6.

When working in Cubase 7.03 (or even in 6.x), multi-channel audio starts out playing back fine, but inevitably starts to break up and devolve into warbly, phasey, digital garbage after a few minutes or even less. This happens even at the most conservative latency settings (1024). It also happens with or without ASIO Guard engaged (I’d heard that that function could cause some problems).

Hitting the reset button in Cubase’s audio settings window, or making any changethat causes the system to reset things (liek changing latency), will always solve the problem – but only temporarily, When I look at the Lynx Mixer’s settings, everything seems to be locked properly – there’s no sign there of loss of sync or any other issues – even as the audio I’m hearing is a garbled mess.

Any thoughts?

Windows 7 64 bit
Gigabyte P55 Motherboard

Thanks in advance.


Looks like I was able to solve this – thanks to Paul at Lynx. It was a simple matter of adjusting some settings for communication between my two AES-16e cards (one needed to be set for “header”). Thanks for reading, though.